Nicolina Logan clarinet student


I am a student clarinetist who is interested in pursuing music in college. 
A few years ago I was having a lot of hand, arm, and shoulder pain due to the weight of the clarinet lying solely upon my thumb. 
The pain was hardly tolerable and was making it difficult to play.

After MUCH physical therapy and other things in an attempt to fix this problem for roughly six months,
I came upon your website and ordered the Etude thumbrest (the older version, without the cushion on the side).
It miraculously eliminated the problem(mainly in my hand), and now I can play virtually pain-free with an incredible range of motion in my right hand.
I no longer have problems like I did before, only the normal fatigue from playing for long periods of time.
I just wanted to let you know how much this has helped me--if it wasn't for your product, I have no idea what I would be doing right now! 
Thank you SO much, and I will continue to pass the word on to fellow clarinetists and others about your wonderful, transformational products!

Thank you,
Nicolina Logan