A Ton Kooiman Thumb rest offers,

-great comfort and balance for the demanding player.

- prevents fatigue and injury over many years of playing and relaxes all muscles even towards the neck

- supports a thumb and hand position (on a scientific basis),  by their wide range of  adjustability

-speeds up technique and supports a "flow-state" of playing

-facilitates even an improvement of your tone-quality.

-It's so much easier to carry your instrument now!

-No callous on thumb or cramping of hand.

-Easy to install using a mounting slide

-Adjustment upwards at right side of thumb rest, preventing the thumb to sag".

-Provides for a natural and individual hand position.

-Hand opens more for freedom in technical phrases.

-The thumb is held higher and is either straight or slightly bent.
The result is a "natural and individual" posture.

-Much of the energy used for supporting the weight then becomes available for handling the instrument.
And can be used to improve control and speed up paying technique.

-The Etude, Maestro and Oboe make it possible to move the pressure point of the thumb rest to the first phalanx of the thumb to the space between the two joints.
The lever momentum is much smaller at this point so the thumb can support the weight more easily.

-Easier reach of lower keys.

-High quality materials and construction for lifelong comfort.